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Cooper Island

Cooper Island Beach Club - Eco-resort in the British Virgin Islands

Family owned Eco–resort on the sandy shores of Manchioneel Bay is only accessible by private boat. Committed to supporting sustainable tourism in the British Virgin Islands and do our best to reduce our impact on the environment.

Cooper Island  already produce its own power and water from the sun, it was decided go a little futrher with its Eco efforts and make own beer too. The microbrewery has been custom built by Willis European to be as water and power efficient as possible.For every 500L of beer produced, they use only 570L of water and that includes cleaning down equipment and sterilizing the kegs to store the beer. As food-safe products are used throughout the clean down process, we are able to use this waste water for garden irrigation too.- So have a beer and help save the planet !

With ten beachfront guest rooms are nestled amongst the palm trees and tropical flowers. Each stylish open-planroom is bright and airy, featuring recycled teak furniture.

All rooms enjoy fabulous views of The Sir Francis Drake Channel and the islands beyond. The rooms are duplex in design with a connecting door on the balcony that can be opened to create a 2-bedoom, 2-bathroom suite. All the rooms are fan-cooled, not air conditioned and all doors and windows are screened to let the breeze through.

Cooper Island


Cooper Island Beach Club

Cooper Island Beach Club - a leading Eco Friendly resort in the BVI